The Origin Of Atlas Roof Lanterns And Their Contemporary Use

Origin of Atlas Roof Lanterns

Atlas roof lanterns in their traditional form are basically roof lamps made of wood and glass and resemble small conservatory roofs. They are typically installed in rooms with flat roofs to provide natural light to the underlying areas. There is also the great opportunity to integrate atlas roof lanterns in the ridge. It can be useful in many other areas if the right design and installation are given the highest attention. Roof lanterns were created from orangeries that were built in the 16th century in Italy and France. Orangeries were made of bricks or frames with large side glass windows and a glass structure that rested on the flat roof for added natural light. The purpose of their construction was to grow oranges under controlled conditions. Today, orangeries are considered the style or shape of the conservatory.

Types Of Skypods To Chose From

Glass was made manually in the first few days and was therefore very expensive. As a result, the architects had to disregard the use of glass for skylights when designing villas for wealthy clients. During the final phase of the Victorian era, machines were used to make glasses, which made them cheaper. The company also saw a rise in living standards, which led to higher demand for glass in the construction of houses.

atlas roof lanterns

People began to integrate a wooden roof lantern into their homes, hotels, educational facilities and public facilities such as public libraries and town halls. Domestically, it was used to bring sunlight into reception rooms, billiard rooms, kitchens and dining areas.

Unfortunately, in many cases, these beautiful and large structures were susceptible to leaks due to the disadvantages of construction methods and sealing materials. There was also the problem that during the winter, the heat could escape due to the single glazing technique. For ventilation purposes, the early-day roof lights were manually operated by a connecting rod to open or close the window system.

The benefit of roof lanterns

Thankfully, people now have the benefits of today’s double-glazing, superior sealing materials, and automated electrical systems for operating skylight windows. These enhancements, coupled with the use of sealed double glass panels, ensure that contemporary skylights retain their honoured appearance while providing excellent structural integrity and longevity coupled with fine insulation properties.

You may have some ventilation in your roof or buy one that has the same conditions. Open the windows when the wind blows and you can enjoy the fresh air at all times. Since the urban space is small today, fresh air has been luxurious, but you do not have a rooftop home at your home. The lantern of the roof is a decorative feature itself. You can choose a lantern lamp which looks good when the sunshine falls in the direction. Even simple flat roof lamps are extra welcome and unique feature. They give your room a modern look.


In addition, the use of durable hardwood and high-quality paints and stains ensures that a modern roof light can stand the test of time with minimal maintenance.  Roof lanterns come easy on the pocket and with the many benefits that they have on offer, they are a must-have in your space.

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