Finding the best 2 Bed Houses to rent in Burton on Trent

Looking for the best 2 bed houses to rent in Burton on Trent can be difficult. East Staffordshire, the capital of the National Forest, has an abundance of heritage and local history. There are bustling market towns to stroll around, picture postcard villages with quaint shops and the scenery around this beautiful area are breathtaking – it’s a lovely part of England.

2 bed houses to rent in Burton on Trent

The two major towns in East Staffordshire are Uttoxeter, where the popular Uttoxeter Racecourse is located, and 2 bed houses to rent in Burton on Trent (which is also often known as Burton Upon Trent).


To a great extent, Burton upon Trent’s growth and history are associated with the former Abbey. It was the local monks who discovered that the local well water had special qualities, ideal for brewing local beer and ensuring future prosperity for the town. Thanks to the monk’s discovery trade expanded and the town flourished. By 1880 it was estimated that approximately 40 or more breweries were in business around the town.


The Bass Museum (or Coors Visitor Centre as it is now called) can give you a taste, literally, of brewing through the ages. It is known worldwide how Burton is synonymous for brewing fine beer so while visiting the area, pop into the museum and try some samples of Burton-brewed beer.


There are plenty of great shops in Burton’s town center, which has been pedestrianized making it easier and safer to walk around; car parking can be found outside each of the centers as well. Burton Place, The Octagon Centre and Coopers Square shopping centers have many high street names to choose from in addition to other specialist shops. There are many 2 bed houses to rent in Burton on Trent and welcoming bars on offer for that much-needed break while shopping. You can also visit the traditional, colorful, indoor market hall and open-air market, so there will be something to suit everyone.


Burton upon Trent is a large town that is located on the banks of the River Trent. The town originally grew around the monastery of St. Modwen, hence the monks who realized the water had special qualities for the famous local beer. Open land around the town is protected from chemical treatment to preserve the water quality, which has a high proportion of dissolved salts predominately caused by gypsum in the surrounding hills.

Renting in Burton on Trent

The town still has three brewers; The Bridge Brewery (a small local brewery), Marstons, and Coors from the USA who took over the Bass Brewery in 2002. With no direct connection to the breweries (except that the yeast extract used in manufacture comes from the breweries) a Marmite factory is in the town also producing the popular savory spread Bovril. With the Marmite factory and the breweries there can often be a distinctive smell around the area.

At it’s peak Burton was the producer of one-quarter of all beer sold in Britain, it was hugely popular. There were over 30 breweries recorded in 1880, though through buy outs and the process of mergers this resulted in only three major breweries remaining by 1980. These were Marstons, Ind Cooper, and Bass. Currently, Burton Bridge brewery is the only remaining independent brewer although Burton upon Trent is now also home to some high-quality micro-breweries with Houses for sale in Burton on Trent.

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The English euphemism “gone for a Burton” is a saying that found fame because of Burton ales. This humorous suggestion started in World War II, and simply meant a missing comrade had nipped out for a beer.

As well as Burton having a history regarding fine brewing ales and the famous savory spread Bovril, it also contains a suburb by the name of Branston. This area is known for inventing Branston Pickle, a delicious pickle that is often used in a sandwich or to complement a salad. There is a beautiful golf course in Branston.

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Also worthy of a mention 2 bed houses to rent in Burton on Trent area is the picturesque Washlands area next to the river in the town center, The Brewhouse Arts Centre and Conference League football club, Burton Albion. You may also find many houses for sale in Burton on trent by looking at a quality estate agents.

Burton upon Trent is an interesting place to go and visit with so many exciting places all steeped in history and with the National Forest so close a day-trip, week or weekend visit can be enjoyed by many. A quality estate agent to look up is Professional Properties located in Burton Upon Trent.

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